Aren’t you enough?

Aren’t you really enough of internet, social media etc… you know, all that stuff you should not even be aware of? This stuff which stops you from taking care of you and your family? And environment around you…

Because somehow it is not fancy, but polar bears are dying.

I love polar bears and yes, I am aware of global warming. Still… climate changed so many times that for me, a scientist, it is a boring news. I hate those who litter, who all the time buy stuff… yeah, probably because they do not buy my stuff, right? Only that shit Made in China, because somehow…

… they need money.

And what the fuck am I suppose to eat?

And polar bears… you do not care about them. You care about new stuff. Not about stones on a beach, cleaning – unless it is for an Instagram account.

Or climate.

Come on…

I do not believe you.

But I am sure that most of you so take care of other people, so called celebrities… asked: did you like her dress, what do you think about their lives… rich people. New gods. Come on!!! Why? Okay, I know people like to peek… they love to take under deep considiration others. Not themselves.


Come on! Wake up…

The truth is we all are doomed, so you can stop. Asia will flood us with kids and unnecessary stuff, more plastic and plastic and fucking plastic…

Do you know that I had 2 phones in my life. And I am old! Now I hate them, have none, no TV, microwave, washing plates thingy… I do not have so much.

So so much!!!

Maybe I need it to understand this world?


But come on, I have no place. And I hate it!!!

All those dramas that someone wore a dress twice! OMMI. How frustrated are people to even notice it? Do they have nothing to do?

We are doomed.

Surprise, we all will die.

Yup. Zuckerberg will not save you with his money. Nope, no way. So why are you so interested about him, his life etc? And weird box, unnecessary, but for sure you will buy it when it will be available for sale… Why? What makes you so salivating when big brands, logos appear? Kill each other for a pair of ugly shoes.

I mean really… ugly shoes!!!

I have no idea what I am talking about but… I do not know Twitter, although I am there! You click one button here and it posts stuff there. Do I care? Nope. I have Facebook, but how to show your art any other way? I have an Instagram for a BearfromBornholm1. Because I love polar bears…

Will I change climate? Nope… still, I do not fly, I dry my laundry outside… it went stale, need to wash it again because humidity is so fucked up, that nothing dries except my lovely plants. And me…

Stop it.

I am done.

Who wants some tea? LOL

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