White, black and red…

We had one day of winter…

I mean really. And in fact snow was on my island only in one place so it was a very hide and seek thing.

But I found it.

Maybe wet, maybe not so much…

But it was here for me.

Yes, I know I am saying this only to feel special, but what if? What if even those amberlike leaves where for me?

What it was only for me?

White… black and red. And maybe some green moss. But this redness. OMMI so special! So stunning and strong.

And all those lines, colors, surprises… holes in the woods, where like in Narnia snow was somehow falling up? Yeah… up!

And sometimes… that bloody trail…

It was stunning. Wintery. And that smell of cold… I miss it!!!

So much.

Because now it is so hot here!

Even awesome, blue and green cold waves can not change me missing my winter.

I love winter.

Yes, I am aware that most of you do not. But still got no idea why some of you act so violent when I say, I do?

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