The light…

It was mind blowing.

It was embarrassing all my creations.

Stunning, beautiful.

Something special, what was like only for me… and I took a step, and then another and… if not a golden retriever, which appeared from no idea where… I would go, I would follow this light. I felt it was so right to do it.


Yes, my mind is that scary.

But just look at it. Changing, opening.

That dog saved my life. I know it, still saying it loud is so… cringe.

I feel things, plants, waves, lights, clouds…

I feel it all differently.

And nope, there is nothing special I am just different. Not stuck to my phone but stuck to the nature. Birds are first thing I hear… annoying bastards. LOL

Green is something I have around. Light which I wanted to follow was there…

Peace and quiet is much more possible… no humans, swimming naked.

I do not claim, that I get it all, but there is no faith in me…

Because I know.

I know this everything around me is a part of me. That there is more in my head than just a regular brain… lazy and stuck to labels.

Who am I kidding… I know nothing about them. LOL

But if you wanna sponsor my crazy mind, please buy my photos, my art or just donate… there is that button. None ever used it. And this blog is 10 years old. Maybe you will be first, because a lot of is changing and…

Yeah… a lot is changing.

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