61 days

I am so not a patient person.

Truly no idea if I am a person at all… still trying to figure it out. Am I homo sapiens sapiens or maybe not?

Maybe in fact I have much more neanderthal in me?

Not about it today. But about patience…

I hate it. I prefer things to be done quickly and perfectly. No breaks, no coffees, you can pee but then, wash your hands and go back to work.

Work is a perfect meditation for me, so it starts and ends in one… day.I can not imagine leaving things to do them tomorrow…

And now all I can do is wait.

61 days…

Fuuuu… KMN.

Even this amazing sea creature seems to laugh at me.

Me inpatient.

But also me being so patient when it comes to art. Dancing with a brush, or standing in a weird pose with hands up because there is a bird…

Yes, there is!

So maybe it is only a matter of doings? Things which I do? Now. Then. Before and after? Maybe there is so much more to a definition of patience?

So much more?

Or maybe I just like clean things and messy canvases?

Clean lines and messy colors?

Maybe in fact I am both so patient and slow when it comes to creating, when creating needs it from me, and so crazy when it comes to housework?

OMMI how complicated one being can be?

Oh wait, I did not tell you what it is all about, so in 61 days…

Yeah, not telling you yet.

But soon.


Patience is painful.

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