I get obsessed really easily.

By light, plant, colors which suddenly appear in places where I was not expecting them.

So easily.

One of my obsession is this plant.

Yes, it is a seasonal obsession, but very strong. Trust me… really strong.

I can stand by these few bushes and just watch them.

Look, touch, cuddle…

I think it is all because of those feather like leftovers which play with the light in a very unique way.

Shapes, colors… warmth even if the weather is so cold.

And them. Yeah, so… unusual.

Sexual even? Or sensual?

And those knots.

Tied and untied.

I mean…

Okay, this plant is just fun, pure art changing with season. Amazing piece to watch, learn how it is okay to change or… just a plant, which is always good, because we all like to breath, right?

In and out…

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