Before and after?

It is like… before spring the sea got to have fun!

Got to work something out.

Get free.

I mean, really.

Like teenagers… like they were also growing up and every year facing same fears and hormones? Do waves have them?

OMMI I am so over everything when it comes to metaphors and fairy tale writing like. LOL Truly!!!

But on the beach…

It just happens.

Or maybe is easier because you are on this border, where is everything. The waves, sand, soil, grass, stones, sky, sun… wind…

And those colors.

That blue and jade…

OMMI they are so structural.

So perfect.


Not just power, splash and splosh…

Everything combined.

Before and after. Like there was no now…

Like now… was just a moment so unimportant.

Everything is in those tiny pieces.

Done and not even started.

Everything… and then… comes blue… t.b.c.

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