And more waves…

Oh come it!

Such tide, huge waves from this side with a sunny moment happens… very rare. To be honest, very.

So I had to stay.

And take a photo, then another, then just watch…

This energy.

This power.

Or powers?

And shapes, cathedrals of waters!

With all those colors.

With this beauty. Maybe still scary, but in fact, truly stunning.

Truly full, finally.

Okay, of course it was freaking cold! Come on! That wind was touching places which I thought none could touch!


And then I looked at those ducks so hesitating to get into…

So… like, oh well, it is too cold.

No way!

We are staying here.

Oh look at that stupid human!

Theses are weirdos and can not fly. Do they have feathers?


Naked! Weird naked humans! LOL

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