Or just a movement which our human minds prefer to describe somehow… define…

I mean, okay, taking those photos was a very dangerous thing. No fucking adventure! It was cold, wind was doing with me whatever it wanted and only heavy backpack and heavy camera – this is why my wrists are dead – kept me…


I mean not flying.

The salt and sand are still in me! Like… I was now the part of it, that… anger?

Was it really anger? And yes, this is a place, I mean that deep under water, is the one i step often to take stormy photos…

Storm, thunders, is it anger or beauty? It scares us, but the truth is beautiful things can be nasty or even nastier, trust me!

And this was beautiful.

Scary and freaking me out, but still…


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Anger… why the heck we can not show it? Why it is always: calm down! Do not do it. You are a girl, you should not… WTF! I am angry, I show it. Deal with it. Of course we should not put anger on other people but digging deep in soil, smashing few mugs – I have few special, waiting ICE – telling honestly your spouse that this is what I feel now, maybe hormonal, but I just got to be alone and mow the lawn.

Or just remove all the weeds or…

Transform anger into energy less harmful. Because this is what I fee. Anger. Maybe sometimes weird one, maybe even pointless, invalid, but I feel it. And I do not want to smash you, because you are not the reason, sooo… still, if you are, I am informing you that there is nothing civilized in being a fucking lotus flower on a fucking calm pond of a fucking clear water!!!

No fucking way. LOL

Sooo… because for me a stormy sea is such a female form… Let her wave! Strongly!!! Because it is beautiful!!! It truly is. Just another emotion. Just a part of nature. Just… a feeling. Something what tells us things are wrong, or just want us to do something with this energy…

PS. Loud music and exercises help too. LOL

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