Beach… 3

And sometimes it is only sand…

And wind.

And waves…

But all you see is the sand and all those shapes. This amazing art, so fragile, changing with every step which nature takes, with her every breath.


And some love…

And a small accident.

Very small. And organic! Just seeds!

Come on, they look cute!

And… some human spine?

Or maybe it was a giant monster, sea one, or flying one, which just had to drop on his weird back? Or… you know, human monster?

Who knows for sure?

Let the magic enter your life, and fairies and all that stuff.

And imagine…

Imagine a story about tiny sand stones, crystal ones, which are dancing all the time, can not stop, because if they would… they could grow.

And they do not want it!

They love this crowd and amazing place they live in/on.

And seaweeds… I love seaweeds.

Maybe sometimes they are smelly, but who isn’t, right? Who isn’t? LOL Can first throw the stone!!! Ouch! Who done it? LOL

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