Beach… 2

And with every step it is somehow more special.

Even when it is windy and you can not stop spitting up sandy balls from your mouth.

I mean really.

This sand here is so soft. So warm, always, even when it’s winter and you are cold, totally cold.

And all those sculptures…

It really looks like some kind of performance, I mean really!

Like they were showing off.


Proud of being themselves, so if you need some self-confidence, go there.

And dive into those, crazy sometimes, shapes.

Into those waves…

And all this blue.

Blue around.

Waves and mirrors.

Reflections and stories.

And angels…

I mean really? Again? LOL

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy free time for the rest! Go out, have fun, eat, or just stay home with a book and think, imagine, create…

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