Snow globe

Imagine you wake up and all you see is silverish-golden fog. Warm, interesting, intriguing even. Beautifully composed with last days of autumn.

Not many leaves here, but light makes you feel safe. Comfy even.

Suddenly you know, everything will be okay.

You see fairies…


For the first time. Tiny dragons carrying them, flying from branch to branch, bringing good thoughts…

You feel amazing. Finally no one is bothering you. Finally people only smile, and don’t ask nasty question. Finally you have time to create.

You are in this snow globe which in fact instead of snow and liquid has this fog and silver petals. And gold ones.

Finally you have all you need.


A fairy-tale?

Maybe… but the truth is, we are so pushing all the time, that we stopped noticing such days. Because they do happen. Only, people stopped looking for them. opening windows, smelling the air…

Stopped maybe, or need a faith? Why?

Why believing could make it much more real?


Isn’t knowledge enough?

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