Or maybe just models? Look at those dresses? Tree goddesses. Amazing, stunning, so free, and so bit worried.

No idea why, but I am so scared that they will disappear. That I will come here one day and they all will be cut off.

I am scared.

Recently people are all about cutting the trees, somehow seeing evil in them.

WTF is wrong with humanity?

We are part of this nature. We breath, they eat, we dance, they dance!

How many of you prefers to go to the mall than…

Or how many of you is scared of the woods?

I mean really? Scared because yes, there are bugs, scared because there are closed roads, mistakes, pieces unknown…

Why we do not learn the woods? Like math.

Simple… how many names of trees you do know?

Can you recognize this amazing dancer, look at her arms, hair, look at those perfect lines, at this mystery, magical even…

How beautiful she is…

And those.

And that yellow one, which looks like a painter, a bit dirty, or just wearing its own art on?

Woods are amazing.

Woods are here and are important.

Don’t blame them for your mistakes. Dance with them. Feel free to touch, hug and cuddle branches. Or the moss. How soft it is… and now, when spring is so uncertain, well, go into the woods, they need your love.

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