Somehow I am still so scared of orange, red and violet. I have no idea why, maybe my anxiety, OCD or autism somehow affects it, maybe it is just getting worst, but still… I can take photos, but…

But am unable to wear it.

Still, this shed is so into a horror movie or a book, I mean really… a mystery of a red shed or maybe… bloody shed strikes again? LOL

I mean recently freaked out because I had one white shirt in my wardrobe. How the heck freaking weird am I?

And still… when I see this, I am amazed.

Because this all just rocks when it is nature. And it has so many shades. From bright one to semi orange and brownish even…

But with green everything is so perfect.

So friendly.

Like… in our human world colors mean a lot. Green – walk, red – stop. White – innocent, yellow – rich.

In nature it is all about blooming, passing away, changes…

Or a mist above the wet field.

Or just a secret place which should be worshiped…

Or just maybe noticed?

Maybe we all only wanna be noticed, so we make all those weird signals with colors. Wearing them, waving them, or avoiding them?

Yeah… still, red was always my no never going to be comfy with you color.

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