Recently it just is like…

I mean that quickest plane. Or wait, like a fart maybe? Or… what runs like crazy? Someone with ants in his pants?

It flies.

Or it has fleas? Gets rusty in some pieces, gets more sandy than rocky, or maybe more or less wavy…

I mean, really… time runs like crazy. I have no idea when 2000 went and why I am so old… I mean literally.

Looking at the mirror, and have no idea who it is. I mean there. Is it my reflection, or a conspiracy theory. LOL

This is why I prefer archeology.

I am always so young in front of over 5000 old year tomb. Although mummies look better than me, so… well, something what I got to live with.

I will survive.

Or not.


I love to look at photos of my island and see how in fact not much changed. Yeah, we have more trees, hopefully others will not remove them… but to be true… not much changed. But time here did not stop.

It is still running…

And I mean not only about seasons changing, but about…

That crazy circle we are a part of.

Nature and time.

Time and nature.

Because we are one.

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