It is like… when everything is really bad, when all that stuff piles up on me woodlands, woods, forests…

… they are the best.

Especially during autumn…

When that aroma runs around me and is like a drug. I wanna eat leaves because they have such awesome colors.

I wanna eat them because they crunch tasty.

Yes eat!

Weird me? No way, people love autumn. Less bugs, colors, still warm but not too warm… and then winter is close.

And I am addicted to winter.

But still… trees, leaves, playing… everything this makes me free. Is a ongoing inspiration and of course, calms me.

Weirdly quickly.

And also taking those photos.

Different than others.

Because I can.

LOL Yup, only because I can.

Or I am just crazy.

Or I see beauty in different things as others. Not in LV, CC or other letters and brands. For me those leaves are most interesting, most expensive although for free!


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