More light

When people try photography, they are usually informed that light is the most important thing. But to be true… yeah this is right, although, see ages ago when I started as a kid, and in fact was not like running around with a camera, because they were expensive… not they are now for free, or so, but if you have a phone, you have a camera, right? But… okay, like REALLY expensive then!!!

So not for kids.

Also they were heavy and made of metal and could last ages! Not like now!

I was often put in front of the camera and really unhappy with it.

Yup, no model of this person! No way. I hated that other side of camera. But also… as a kid I was a model for artistic classes…

Yup, people used to draw me.

Wondering where those drawings and paintings are now?

Oh well, coming back to light.

Yes, it is important, but you can take it with you or you can say no to light and play in shadows… which in fact also need light, soo I am such a lair here. But, what I am trying to say is… ages ago it was a huge nono to put your camera into the light. It was always like: follow it. Main rule!


Maybe it is why they were not giving me the camera, not because it was freaking expensive to have a camera, films… oh yes kids, it was like a movie tape inside, shit, how many times it failed, putting it correctly was a nightmare for me.

Once I failed and a whole month of photos was on one window… the rest was just not rolling inside.

But light…

With modern filters you can play without lovely light! For sure. Although I do not fin the appealing. Or maybe I should?

Soo… when comes to art, do what you feel is okay, but never paint on others without consent and leave the walls alone. And trees! LOL

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