Okay, as a model 8 of 10 or even 9 if it is an orange bit flat one… perfectly round on the sides. Oh my.

Some light, green grass, old wood.

Truly an awesome model.

Especially in bunches!

Still… a pumpkin has many names. Trust me.


For me always a weird vegetable. As a kid I did not even know something like it existed. I knew other kinds of this kind of veggie, still…

Preferred it far away from me… although, it was fascinating. And when someone treated me with pickled zucchini I was sold!

But a pumpkin pumpkin… years ago it was like… not existing in middle Europe.

Now we got mutants.

Cute ones!

Those naughty shapes, those vibrant colors… yummmy seeds.


I still do not get Halloween… got zombies in everyday life, bit normal to me, so maybe it is why. But… why humans so appreciate pumpkins? I tried, I do not like it. Maybe someone of you got a great recipe for them?

Or maybe you love them all year round?

Frozen sorbet?

Pumpkin spiced something?

Tell me. Persuade me! Because truly it is a great vegetable. And can last so long if stored well in a dry place. You can probably do everything with it, still… I see it only pickled. I mean liked it only that way.

And as a model.

Lovely! LOL

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