Borders and lines

Do not cross.

Do not look.

Private property…

Do not enter.

In the nature those borders also exists. Places, which you feel, belong to others. Or are available only from time to time.

But usually…

Everything is for free. And for everyone, if you just take care of it and take care of yourself. Because now, if you say yes to nature… you are a part of it, so take care of yourself too. Very gently.

Be natural… take inspiration, but do not steal the picture. Being. Shape…

Be you.


For sure LOL

But look at those leaves. They are here, together, but every one is different. Every is screaming: art!!! Still they are all a part of a bigger picture which is in fact a part of another and another and…

Or they are just cute.


Maybe… this is enough?

Just being and finding borders useful?

Because some of us just wanna live in places which do not change and which are calm, free and understandable.

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