Autumn is my obsession. I love winter, I live for snow and cold, but still, when it comes to autumn, I could be outside all the time. And looking for colors. For leaves finally being themselves.

Because yes, they are not normally green.


Still, this autumn was weird. Full of green and burnt leaves but still it was special… full of lines which were like tiny borders.

Full of warmth and weird, unknown aromas.

Full of new, which I am not a fan. Not always…

But still…

Those shapes, those shades, those colors.

Simple leaves, but so many inspirations.

That edges do not have to be smooth. That leaves can be crunchy.

That bigger ones can give you more… but not always. Maybe size matter, but also not always. Nope.

And those waters… Oh yes, those lines, almost oily… almost soft, heavy even, and those leaves.

So much everything around.

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