Come on! Go!

Go for a walk with me! Come on… I am maybe weird and sometimes I walk to quick and sometimes I stop for an hour to take millions of photos of one piece, to delete more than 80% later… life is hard.

But for flowers it is worth it.

And for leaves…

And for colors.

And… it is nature, so it can not be bad. Okay, sometimes it bites, but come one. Not so often. Like, not always. LOL

This was early autumn last year. Trees were more burnt than jing the colorful side, still, I was looking for colors.

I need them, even if myself wears black only.

Because here, in this very open and strong light…

… everything is so different.

And it lasts only for a moment.

A short one.

You sometimes got to catch it if you need it, if you feel that deep desire… for shapes, shades, colors.

For nature.

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