Your own space should be… yours. YAY! Here it is. The discovery of the century, because somehow nowadays everyone is like… someone should do it for me. It should be like that celebrity’s place…

Like those gold and mostly with artificial plants and copper colors. Rose copper and… WTF!!!

The truth is… I am still waiting for my true home, but my space, our cottage is in fact created fully by us. Inspired by us…

It does not mean you can not watch others ideas, but truly…


Are people so undecided? Really?

Oh well, here are some spaces where you can truly see people knew what they were doing. And what they wanted.

And yes, I love this window. Probably not designed to be rusty, chipped, but time made it so special, that making it back into something new and white would be a sin!!!

A sin!!!

And how they used space.

And colors.

And even more colors.

Proud of someone who lives here… so simple, still so you!


I love it!

It is a true inspiration. Really!!! It is not mine, still I can love it.

Even that bike, which probably is here by accident and the bin which is here because it got to be here, they are perfect.

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