Normal art?

I mean… sometimes you just say: it is so pretty like a painting! Like art. It is like art… looking at an amazing meal which every piece creates a cohesive plate.

Or a salad.

A problem with one is… that creating a perfect salad is in fact an art… and it is like a painting. Always.

But then, to see it, I need to go to the city. And it scares me every time. I live on a small island to avoid humans, sorry! I am weird, psychologically unstable etc. I am just… unhuman? Maybe?

So when it comes to street art, I do not see much of it.

But sometimes a graffiti catches me.

And amazes me.

Not because of the shape…

… but colors.

And possibilities.

So many possibilities.


And when you get to a big harbor, you find something more… sorry, needed a better photo, so using this one. This ferry is just… amazing.

Art is simple but breathtaking.

But still… just look at this baby. How cool is that!

The best is nature.

Nature which gives me amazing light…

Stunning and surprising.

Shocking, scary even… apocalyptic a bit…

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