I mean… I knew there is more, but when you are me, always in a rush, always crazy, you can miss a piece…

Or few pieces.

Few boats and amazing woodlands.

And a bunch of guys… or kinder-garden? I mean really! Bunch of kids and someone being totally crazy after 25 coffees… LOL

And more boats…

Really cool ones.

And… some animals…

And this one, which is like a whole story!

Somehow they seem not to fight, more like bringing one, maybe a groom? To marry their amazing Helena, most beautiful of ladies… He is brave, handsome and rich, for sure he is. And has cool friends!

And beloved reindeer or elk…

Okay, here is something about…

I was close, right?


I mean… there is so many of those one and only carvings. So many those special, unique and making my brain roll on!


When I think about it deeper, I know it will disappear… I am aware that this kind of art is so fragile. And humans do not make it easier… in fact, do not care.

Because there is so much more in this world and excluding the past is so easy. Getting it, that everything already been there and only tools are and toys are different… somehow this is not a thing people wanna know.

They do not wanna get it because if so… why to live for?


Why fight for everything?

For nature… oh my, so cute!


I mean really, without it we are lost!

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