Art of design…

Sooo… yeah, we went shopping. You know, when a being which live on a small island suddenly see a normal shopping center can be a bit overwhelmed. Really can be. So many things, space, shops, good it was early and small amount of people, so not that bad, I think?

But here is a story of a simple, useful design. I bet there was a sale or something… such a hurry!!! LOL

Or maybe only sculptures? But also… somehow being together. Being one with the past. using it, living with it.

Being really a part of the mighty surroundings.


Okay, yes, those are stone carvings which were changed into 3D art.

Amazing, huge and just…


Art on the walls, on the floor, and of course standing…

All around.

So huge!

And… okay, I am a woman. This is normal I need a toilet often. Or more like always, but just look at this. This redness also here.

Those amazing lines…

Yes I know, only a toilet but somehow so cohesive!

Yeah… that was a shopping center.

I do really recommend it. LOL

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