Backa 4

We were leaving already… mostly because my darling Husband was… well, you know how guys get mad because they are hungry, so yeah, he was rumbling so loud that we just had to. It was so…

Funny and inappropriate. In one time. LOL

I mean really.


He was the one…

Who found those unpainted pieces.

Which in fact I was like: will see them next time…

But he was so amazed, that…

We stayed here for longer. For a moment, for something green and red and…

Something so clear.

Can you see them?

They are not hiding in fact. At all.

Perfect, when you think about this hand and a stone, maybe some water and little stones, sand to clear it up…


Those lines.


And suddenly this amazing, stunning piece.


How much imagination but mostly… patience it needed.

How much time?

But in those times there was nothing to hurry to… only winter could kill you if you did not store enough food. And diseases but still… only nature… and other humans, yeah, always forgetting about them!

Sooo… have this artists had some kind of guards? Someone to take care of him or her? Because if really art was bit more feminine thing… we can be so much involved in one thing, that we can forget about food, drinks, everything except this passion. Except this amazing…

Or is it only me again?


I promise myself to come back here.

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