Backa 2

They called him The Cobbler. Created a name for him… did they ask? Thought longer? Had visions? Nope… just made it up.

Is he happy with it? I do not think so. I think there is so much more… so much more!!! But still, the name is here.

Small animals.

Boats again.

Colors, this weird illusion, that they are moving.


And so much sea.

In the boats, in those creatures… this is what I see.

But still…

… he is the most important one.

And I even got a sunny ray touching him.

Honoring him.

Suddenly, all from nowhere…

And now everything dances. Even him. Like his fingers were something like a musical instrument. Like…

He was only a shadow.


Or maybe not? Maybe a shape which appeared on the stone when he arrived?

Maybe… when the sun stands in a right position he stands up and dances?


But there is so many of them. So many. And so much time. Really? Can I imagine horses running around here?

Can I?

Or only those warriors, so calm suddenly. Waiting for a blessing, or maybe ready to sacrifice themselves? Or someone else? t.b.c.

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