This day was gloomy.

I mean really gloomy. End of summer or start of autumn, whatever, I say it again, but this trip had not much light…

Until me came to Backa.

To see one of the most amazing creations. Stories, myths… however we will describe it, it is a must to stay here for hours.

To see it from different angles.

Down and up.

Up and down.

No worries. It is a hill, but if you have problems with walking, be aware, it is a free way for you too.

And you can see everything.

Experience everything.

And maybe…

Write a poem?

Because somehow this Holy Path/Via Sacra makes you feeling very… spiritual. But in this old meaning of this word. Where every stone, every tree was a soul of Great Mother. Was a meaning…

It is not so manly. Not so violent…

It is totally another story.

Deeper one.

So much more sensual. Even with those familiar “fat guys”.

So much…


I will be back here.

I must.

I still do not have the whole… picture. t.b.c.

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