The Lady

I always first check how kids draw different sexes when really young. What do they see. Or…. monkeys. Yeah, I know, still, science…

Because we adults are so full of right, wrong, mental, problematic, totally politically correct, scared… that we try to avoid even describing it.

The sex.

Should be simple, right? Name, boobs, hair… but is not anymore. Ancient Egypt solved it easy with colors, but how to make it on the stone… Or maybe they also had colors? Or maybe… nothing is simple…

Not like this one which welcomed us here in Fossum.

So cute!

But, here we are to see Her.

The Lady.

For sure.

In an amazing woodland, but you know, it’s Sweden, right…

We meet not only her but also many others. And still, even if this one is having a sword or penis, the other one is “penisless”, sooo… maybe the truth is somewhere in the mighty between?

Our eyes see it differently for sure.

The whole story.

With one of my favorite symbols.

And another one.

And Her…


I thought she would be taller. Bigger. More striking… and she is amazing, but tiny, somehow combined with the rest but also just being here, completing the art.

The whole picture.

Yeah… I know they look like sharing a poop.

And those two pairs…


So many questions.

So many animals.

And those which seem to be so clear, but still… is it real? Is it a fight or just waving, honoring someone, something? So many questions.

So many…

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