If you stop looking at him.

If manage to finally leave this huge being…

Those stories around him, those thoughts, myths, legends… everything.

If… so you can go into the woods.

Amazing woods.

With those stones, which are so much smarter than we are and saw so much more… wiser and still silent…

Looking bit sexual, or is it me after my visit in Litsleby? LOL

For sure here is only violence.

And you see the whole story in one view.

And this is so much more drawing than chipping…

So much more different.


Done, and probably hidden…

Still so interesting.

After visiting such places, you see those shapes everywhere…

So first… the woodlands.

Just lie down and… listen to the ground. It is still late summer or early autumn, depends how you see it and everything around is bit tired.

Like you…

Look at all those creations.


Just look, listen, breath…

Think how it looked ages ago.

And then… come back to the museum… because there is something you should check, and I am not talking about the shop which is SOOO AWESOME!!! LOL

I am talking about her and him and them…

We will meet her, I promise…

But first, maybe some brainstorm?

I mean why, why not, what for, was there some taboo… for sure we see male figures. I mean really for sure. For sure in the old days… you know.

But what about female?

Goddesses, warriors, mothers, saints, creators?

Why there is not so many of them or maybe like with Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh… they were wearing guys thingies? LOL Bird and dick are different.


Maybe? Maybe there is something more? Some secret? Some kind of “no”? Or maybe they were those chopping them? And preferred guys?

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