Litsleby 2

Looking at this amazing rock… at this redness and imagining this… okay, annoying sound!!! Oh my, how awful it had to be!!! Yeah, I am that kind of scientist who thinks about it. About how loud that had to be.

And was it one or many hands?

Was there a master and his or hers apprentices?

Or maybe it was so saint, that nobody bothered the one and only?

But… it was stone by stone, bunging, punching.

I bet carpal tunnel syndrome was common.

But still…

They tell so many stories. And in fact everything you see is true… however you describe it can be correct.

This is why I use my Husband… because his mathematical mind sees those creations differently.

Less mythological.

More strict, even?

But boats, yeah, we all see them as boats… travels, fights, waves…

Here are main types of creations… except: dot dot dot LOL

And this is…

How it looks unpainted.

Can you see it.

Can you feel how hard the stone is?

Touch it… try to leave a mark, but not here, do not destroy the past. For not so many of us here are the answers we are looking for.

Or just… remains of strong minds, hands and confidence.

Or maybe stubbornness?


If you stay here longer, in quiet, you can still here it…

This sound of someone trying to leave a mark.


Or maybe longer than they though?


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