A good place…

A good place to day. Natives used to say: a good day to die…

But is there a good place to be buried? I mean really?

Is there?

Old people often have their own places, already payed of, already prepared. I remember how shocked I was when I saw name of my, still living Grandmother, carved in the gravestone. That was shocking, but also smart. 

Yes, I get it, but still… living only to die?

We are coming back to Fjällbacka… to see two amazing graves. First one from Iron Age. Bit damaged, in fact for most of you possible invisible, because…

Here stones are everywhere.

Yes, we come back here to see stones.

But also to think, and not about death, but about love, wisdom, power of a group.

Because they had no way to take that body. Of course we do know such examples from found graves, but still, where you died, there you were buried.

More or less.

Here probably more.

They gave this body amazing view, food from the sea…

All those creatures guarding his sleep.

This one I took with me!

Oh my, blessing myself for leaving it outside, because it opened… and THAT smell. OMMI THAT SMELL!!! YUCK!!! LOL

Still, that beauty.



Perfect… but here so many pieces is so. Perfect. Intriguing. Amazing. Simple and old, still, stunning.

But now time for a bigger grave. And a path there, short, is just lovely.

And the view…

And all those stones.

I always think if there was something like people… in some now known cultures called unclean, only taking care of graves. Building them, or were those people, those who loved those dead bodies. Cherished souls. Maybe everyone was a part of a burial? Everyone was a part of a funeral?

Maybe that was something “ennoblitating”?

Because this grave is older… and trust me, it is bigger and in a better shape.

Just a field of stones…

Where from?

The sea is close, but are they all from around? Or maybe some of them…

Traveled far?

Nowadays death and life live together more than we imagine.

I was doing researches and excavations before hotels and homes were build, and trust me, there are bones everywhere!!! Boooo!!!

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