Norsk Folkemuseum 11

I must admit, I almost fainted seeing this. As a kid raised in Middle Europe, for me Donald Duck was a part of bubble gum tiny comics which were brought by people traveling to other spaces. Sorry I was really tiny, simple toddler with huge imaginations, soo… for me it was magic.

Seeing this shop here, was like touching my such early childhood again. My dreams and things I wanted so much.

I just… okay, I love Peanuts more, still Donald is still awesome.

Do any of you still have such shops near? Owned by someone, whose grandparents created it. Old and bit too personal sometimes?

Do you?

Or maybe you do not even know something like it? Experiencing only supermarkets.

We are loosing humans…

And for me, it is not THAT bad. See, we scared people just act like this. I remember the fear of walking into such shop… too personal, too pushy.

Oh my…

Okay, here we go, last few houses.

Last few peeks.

Something everyday like.

Something cute.

And reflections… reflecting the past and the present time.

And also just saying goodbye.

This place is really amazing, but choosing a better weather is recommended.


Bye! Thanks for having us. Yeah, of course we payed for it, still, I am nice.

I liked that…

What now?

Where to go? What next?

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