Norsk Folkemuseum 10

In fact… it is like walking around here or in other cities of Europe. I mean really. A bit old, and looking to lean, too good, still quite normal.

This type of buildings are still renovated, kept in big cities and smaller villages. Still we all them old. We call them monumental even.

… but for me it only shows of how people who knew that darkness and grey days are too often knew how to keep colors around.


Here are shops and people ready to make your ceramic or jewellery or sew you something.

People ready to make your life easier.

People… unusual, or only their spirits.

People ready to sell you everything. I bet they were hiding something much more unusual under the table.

I bet!

But this redness, green and bricks.

So lovely.

And everything is here.

I mean everything.

Even reflections seem to be older…

Even windows look at us differently.

And we still are in a museum!


Unless you wanna drink something…

Sorry! Closed!!!

Oh well…

OMB No way!!! t.b.c.

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