Norsk Folkemuseum 9

Do you remember all those fairy tales?

Stories about lonely women living in the woods, woodlands, somewhere where humans were less common than animals and trees? Somewhere between rivers, by the seas or even on the muddy, slimy swamps and wetlands?


You never heard about Baba Yaga?

Amazing person. I will be one when I grow up! Still…

We are here. Between wood and stone.

But somehow also between one myth and another legend.

Between a story whispered by the fire and…

… something untold.

Wood, green grass, stone.

Everything combined and ready to move. Joking!

But look at those flowers.

And those doors!

And this entrance. Don’t you just want to put here more flowers, to plant them, to hang pots, to maybe even color this cottage?

Although… it is so perfect how it is.

You know it is hiding something, but…

But we are walking towards the future!

Ready for more? t.b.c.

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