Norsk Folkemuseum 8

You and animals under one roof… can you imagine now?

I mean really?

Try it!

Because not so long ago it was still… normal.

It was effective, ecological, you could say.

It was the only way to survive by sharing warmth.



Okay, they look weird, by…

Turn on your imagination.

Turn off your nose!

Oh, come on, everything in the past smelled…


Very differently.

I always laugh when people say that they would like to live in Middle Ages. LOL

Do you know, that when you open that part of the soil, digging there and looking for answers, well… it smells.


But the architecture…

Still awesome.

Bit weirdly mysterious. Bit from fairy tales…

Evil witch, good witch?

Or maybe just an older lady with a black cat?

Oh well, who cares… still few streets to visit. t.b.c.

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