Norsk Folkemuseum 7

Yes, I do feel like touching somebody else past. Like an intruder, because there is something personal in a home. Not a building, but home… in fact that little sanctuary which so many of us is dreaming about.

Or maybe only me?

But… it is a museum. All those building were moved here to keep the history.

To remember.

To keep it for others.

Keep it and always have inspiration.

Feel the spirit maybe?


Something else?

But still, it is just walking into someones past.

Into simple life.

Or maybe even being able to touch that life.

Not so much different.

Not easier at all.

Or maybe much closer to the nature? Everyone could have a tent, or teepee… and now.

Nowadays homes are a bit sad. We do not worship them enough. We do not find freedom in them.

We do not feel safe…

And they can be so…



Still… homes.

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