Norsk Folkemuseum 6

I haven’t thought it would be so spiritual… I mean really. I do not react good in front of churches, truly I start to puff smoke, well, you know, witches right? LOL But the truth is the old ones, those which stand on a sacred land which had always been so… are different, and some of them…

Some of them are different.

Some of them have many souls inside which…

Which are more primal than we can imagine.

This one is not only art. Not only architecture.

Not only…

I had this privilege to stay there alone, Sit on a dusty floor.

Just be.

Watching, listening.

Being somewhere between the light and darkness. So deep…

Touching something unknown.

Not new, but so old, that I forgot it existed.

It was something one and only.

Worth the ticket.

Worth all this walking.

To see…

To touch… mentally…

To remember and be inspired.

Just to never forget.


To keep, to dream about it, to somehow change myself, to never forget what is me and what is not. And to be… one and only.

Simple, wooden church…

… and not so simple.

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