Norsk Folkemuseum 2

Sooo… here we go.

It is rainy and wet, or more like it was, because that was end of August.

Still, I love architecture, so I am full of expectations.

And not only colors.

I want it all.

I want it!

It is really like walking in some wonderful, charming and magical village. Where you do not care about time…

… where you have it all.

Where you can choose the time you wanna live in.

Here is an older piece… still just a copy.

Imagine living here.

And I mean really.

Feel it!!!

For sure food was really in those days…

Very real.

And everything smelled like food, so if you had something tasty, everyone knew!


And when it comes to fashion… new Gucci style.


Lovely place.

Maybe not my style, still for sure my height and that design! Beauty!!! And that usefulness and warmth!!!


… and yummy. LOL

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