Norsk Folkemuseum

Okay… so now some architecture. But the truth is it so much art in it, that it may really shock you. Not only because of the stonework. Woodwork or carvings. Not only because of the colors and all this structure but…

… mostly because of this huge amount of work which people gave into creating this space.

Because it is the space.

Huge space.

Garden of homes.

A lot of walking, so start early and choose a better weather than we had.

Welcome to the Norsk Folkemuseum.

It may shock you.

Not only because all this cute pieces.

Lovely paths…

Awesome gift-shop.

Oh come on, who doesn’t love them?

You don’t?

So if you do not, you can already go outside.

Unfortunately some of the buildings were having some reconstruction, still…

The rest was just colorful.

And full of lovely pieces.

Because when you come to a museum which is in fact a huge adventure into Norsk architecture, into Sami world, into this…

Okay, pieces are mostly from XVIth century up, but…

There are also… few much older.

And I prefer older, you know it!!! LOL


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