Vikings 3

Not only boats. Not only. Also this feeling of the past when things were important differently. So important, that you were creating them by hand, repairing them and of course decorating them.

But also…

You could easily replace them.

But what about humans? Are there still their relatives? Maybe one of them is looking at bodies of your own grandparents?

Not just boats, told ya so.

Also something much more everyday. Although maybe not so everyday, you know. Still, for them death was every day…

But those, amazing sculptures, are just mesmerizing.

Stunning and…

Full of myths and stories.

So cool.

And all those bits and bobs.

I mean here everything is just full of people.

People watching those pieces, people using them, those from the past suddenly meeting those from now.

So metaphorical.

Oh… and we had some snow… do I need them?

Nope, because nowadays we do not have that amount of snow. Sadly.

But art…

Art we need always.

And I do not mean all those loud pieces, I mean art which we do use every day. Beautifully painted mugs or plates. Or ceramic created by your friend. Bought on Etsy. Or maybe just a card or… the truth is we all are still the past. Fallen in love with everyday pieces. Needing beauty and charm in our lives.

To make the world more… this is why we need art.

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