Vikings 2

Okay, so here we come in!

Here we go… We enter this huge hall and already I am stunned… Not only because I managed to somehow run away from few Chinese groups… They are different than other humans, I mean really different.

But to be true. Here you can see in fact 3 different ships. The Oseberg Viking Ship which is really richly decorated… found in a very lavish grave, I mean all those gifts, oh my! Like a Porsche, you know, everything Apple like or…

… sorry I know nothing about brands in fact LOL

The other one is The Gokstad one. Oh my, this one is huge…

But somehow the most touching for me is The Tune Viking Ship. No idea why, but this one speaks to me the most, and on its back is a movie, which surrounds it and makes it amazing… but when it comes to photos.


Bear with me.


Because this what I was fascinated the most was…

… the wood.

And all those colors. And all those shapes. That work.

Imagine creating it. Imagine the vision…

Waves hitting them.

And then the weird silence of the grave.

How cruel was it. Like killing the pegasus!!! Or taking his wings!!!

And then those bodies…

So many stories.

Archaeology so often, especially here in the North, forgets about humans. About oleo behind those tools, gold… looking only for loud findings.

For sparkly things.

I hate it! It is not archaeology.

Archaeology is a slow process, it is understanding, it is touching something what was important for our ancestors. It is so much more… oh my, this is why my project is so slow, because I try to use all the tools. I try to use everything. To look at the symbols from all sides. To use ethnography, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology… even modern look of all this stuff which I have no idea of. But the most important is always a human. That regular one. Working, dreaming, pooping like we all do…

… sneezing… LOL t.b.c.

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