The Viking Ship Museum in Olso is amazing. And got not only boats inside!!! Here you can find some more specific information.

It is huge. Although, it holds 3 boats inside, so should be so, right? Still, outside be aware that you got to…

Pay for parking.

And it is not an easy task. I mean really. I got an anxiety attack, and it was bad. Really bed. It ended with pills and buying a bear. Which I called Skibet. Because how could I call him differently???

Still… the whole architecture is a bit like a vault holding inside all this strength and passion, all this violence, but also beauty…

Or only I feel so.

Anne Stine and her husband Helge Instad will welcome you. It was all by her. She discovered the village, she was an archaeologist who in fact was the one saying it is Viking! And yeah it was in Canada!!!

Well, it is really important, that she was an archaeologist and he was “only” an explorer. Why am I mentioning it? Because we are talking about the middle of XX century. And it was not so much fun for ladies to be scientists.



Sooo, we will go inside, right?

Even if I prefer much earlier times still, this is something exciting!!!

Okay, the gift shop is fun too. Come on!

Why the heck there is so many Chinese people? And why the toilets… okay, one thing, honestly, do not recommend toilets here! Really. But the museum… Just come here! For longer! Watch the movie and boats…

… to be continued LOL

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