Ekeberg park 4

I got to come back here.

I really do, because they have sculptures everywhere. We even saw a huge bright red gnome/Santa on a roundabout. I mean HUGE!!! They have this naked exhibition. And a lot of more, so I got to come back to Oslo one day and to see true Norway… and somehow stop screaming when underground.

Yeah, they have here roundabouts even underground!!!


But for now… more sculptures! Amazing or just…

… shocking.

I mean very shocking. I get it. It can be an advert for a plastic surgeon… you know, boobies, or just a mix of male and female bodies combined together… But this mirror surface… you can see yourself in boobs or in…


Sometimes it is better to stop thinking.


Sometimes enough is being overwhelmed.


She is the Goddess.

The true one.

With answers and questions.

And you can fill her up, or make her empty.

Sometimes we all should empty ourselves. Make us ready for new.

Because new is coming if we want it or not.


I promised to finish with them.

And still… I am not sure what to think about them. Is she pushing him away.

Does he really adore her?

Or maybe he will just fuck her… Really. Sex is essential in art. Not in all, still, it speaks volumes. But this sculpture is just… a lot.

And this yellow one, another mix of female and male organs, another Wolverine like creation is bit more… frustrating. Or maybe only disturbing?

Vulgar even?

Or just funny?

Oh my, end with it woman! Next stop, something much older!

Be prepared. LOL

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