Ekeberg park 3

It just is here. Everything… everything arty but also everything what is that kind of art, which is a bit questionable? Which is so modern, that it may be misunderstood… But still, isn’t art something what should be this?

Something to speak about, to question it to wonder…

Something. Why the heck people got to vandalize everything?

Okay, I do not get this one, but I do not have to, right? I can explain it was a mix of vaginas of all female mammals into which all guys wanna put hands but, still, is there right or wrong in talking about art?


For sure.

Still… I prefer the greenery. This grass, those trees…

Even if this piece is something important to me.

Speaking very strongly, but still, I would never call it pretty. Nor beautiful. But still. art does not have to be beautiful.


Still the most stunning art for me is… the nature.

And something a bit old-fashioned.

There is so much power in it…

Combined with those words.

There is…

There is always so much in a female body. It speaks many languages, it makes statements not speaking. It is so much.

Sometimes too much.

Look at her and listen… she has wisdom inside of her, or just peace and quiet. All those are worth learning…

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