Ekeberg park 2

Imagine living here… above everything. In a huge home, between all those sculptures and trees. And rocks of course. Maybe there is a tram down there, maybe there are other people, but somehow, you are so… alone.

Perfectly calm.

Watching everything and everyone.

Experiencing the nature.

And there, down there is another world.

Totally another, although I love this blue tram so much!

Still, for me this would be perfect. Imagine this at night when you are the one watching all those lights, and the sea down there.


In a different world.

With all those sculptures, which look like… they are alive when you do not watch. When you close your eyes, they suddenly…

Start to dance. And you live in this yellow mansion.

Cool one!

And art… yeah, I do not get it. I do get geometry, but why this?

Oh well, lets watch these down there…

… looking a bit like LEGO.

I mean really.

Are they real? Or maybe I am only a mist?

A memory?

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