One sunrise…

It is like… we do wake up early, but do we have time to watch it? I mean the whole show? Nope. Not anymore. No sitting outside and watching it, unless you are on vacations, right? Oh come on, I see your face…

We do not watch them anymore.

No idea why?

Okay some of us live in tall buildings or between too much concrete, or just covered in this whole fancy stuff which takes nature away from us.

We skip them.

Not even put on pause, we skip them on this huge remote of surroundings.

Sad we…

And why? Why in fact?

Because we are too busy?

What if one day it will not appear… the sun?

What if…

We are not birds, we are not free.

Where we in the past?

Really? I mean… can a human being be free? Not binded, combined in a some kind of puzzle, picture, movie, can we be?

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