Fat Dames Beach 2

Oh yes, and they are here…

They somehow seem to be resting here. Forever. Staying, maybe changing? Maybe evolve into butterflies? Sea ones?


But still, that beauty, almost mathematical, is just stunning.

Shades, fractals, maybe jelly feeling… I so wanna touch it, but it is not a good idea.

This beach is special, but I feel it does not want me here… for too long. I should bow, and be amazed…

… and go.

Go away…

But I am amazed and scared in the same time.

No idea why some places are like this for me. Wanting and pushing away in the same time. And how it can be so windy and cold in summer?

And is it dragon’s skin?

Do not correct me, for me it is. LOL

And a scale of a kraken.

The blue one. You know. The original one…

Of course the beach done something to make me go away. It took the sun away…. I wonder for how long during a day it is sunny… or is it always much more shady and secret? Much more dark…

Okay, I am going!

Still it was nice to meet you. Although you scared me away… okay, going, no need to make the waves bigger, and sea drinking from my boots!

I am going, bye!

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