Fat Dames Beach




Goddesses guarding the waves, keeping them in one place… they come here and stay bringing gifts. Many gifts. I called this beach, because it spoken to me. A bit… more than a bit even.

Yes, it is a hidden place.

Stony beach with tiny sheds and many colorful pieces on the wet surface. And winds which seem to be caught here in an eternal dance.

And very smelly toilet. Do not recommend it.


Like it was only for those unseen.

For those magical, mythical, for those unspoken.

Not for humans.

Those curvy rocks, so smooth, soooo soft like, but also able to deal with everything. And shells, pieces, because it is a tough place…

So pretty.

And them…

Oh yes. Obsession. But look at them. How perfect they are.

Ideal even.

And what the heck, can it be more windy? Do not think so!!!

Hurting us so easily, but do they care about those who they hurt? Or maybe they just do not need a touch… still, the sea is full of them, so how to live together? We with so soft skins and them, so out of this world?

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