End of the world 5

The end… of this weird journey. More journey inside of me than inside of this place, but still. Maybe I will come back here one day, maybe…

Or maybe not?

Because all those feelings were bit too much.

Even for simple me. Me loving loneliness…

This place made it clear, it can be end of the world, closed and rocky, silent and pure, still, I can feel here so scared like in a supermarket full of people hungry for stuff. New stuff. Old stuff.

Stuff they do not need in fact.

But first, come with me.

Come closer.

Closer to this place…

Oh my, thought those were two floating heads with no bodies attached… oh my…

Come between the mighty rock and wood.

If you are brave enough of course.

Because now you are sure…

… there are people here. But the sea under this thin wooden surface rules everything and everyone.

Living, not just hanging around from time to time.


But also there is brave nature… so cute and amazing. Hello little yellow flower. Are you the strongest of them all?

Are you?

Are they?

Maybe this is why? I am not strong enough to live here? Not with this kind of architecture fixes? I mean really…

How is it standing like this?

Or maybe I can not live in other place than my Island? Bye bye bye End of the World. Some world. Some other world maybe?

Not my world.

For sure, not mine.

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