End of the world 4

I can hear nothing.

I mean really. Only those waves. And maybe something… something so secret, that I am not ready to uncover it?

So unknown, that is used to this and wants not to be known…

Yeah, I feel here weird, very weird. See that little, narrow gap between the rocks on the left? There is the big sea there. So close… too close maybe?

And now, time for hoots. Or sheds, however you wanna call them. For sure people live here not only put snorkeling stuff, boat stuff and fishing… stuff. I can smell it. There is so much more. But you step here on your own risk?

Ready for a next step?

Oh my… this boat so lonely and so here.

This redness…

Steps… I could take a dip, really, but maybe not now.

Because those rocks seem to watch me. Too closely. If you wanna take a tour behind the hoots, you got to touch the rock. No other way.

You got to always feel them.


And between the red buildings, wooden, precious hideaways, you see the rest. But even when hidden. You see they are to cautious to show off their secrets.

They know it is not safe.

Oh my… look at this view… few steps and the sea. And only smooth rocks, and the waves, monsters, legends, myths.

The blue abyss.

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